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Strategic Pillars

Strategic Pillars

Pipeline Delivery


Portfolio Focus


Geographical Expansion



Strategic Enablers


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Our Strategic PrioritiesOur Progress in 2016Key Challenges in 2016Our Performance in 2016Future Priorities
Piepline delivery Icon
Pipeline Delivery
We must deliver our pipeline on time, at the right costs and with the expected returns. It is also important that we refill the pipeline so that we get a constant flow of novel products in future years.
  • Zycortal approved and launched in the US in March 2016 and in 14 European markets
  • Following successful US and UK launches last year, Osphos launched in 17 additional European countries
  • Several FAP approved, notably Phenocillin and Solamocta (for turkeys and ducks) launched in Q4 2016 in Germany and is due to be launched in 17 other territories
  • Pipeline prioritised and consolidated following our acquisitions of Genera and Putney
  • Results for the product from Jaguar Animal Health, Inc. have not met our expectations
  • Terminated one canine ophthalmology project in the Feasibility phase
  • Terminated one canine cardiology project
  • New product revenue 14.4% of total revenue
  • 12 new products launched
  • Continue to identify new opportunities by being innovative and promoting new product technologies and ideas
  • Build on the acquisition of Genera to develop a vaccines pipeline
  • Expand our formulation and analytical capabilities with the new development laboratory in Zagreb, Croatia
  • Explore and negotiate in-licensing deals
  • Ensure Putney pipeline is delivered
Portfolio Focus Icon
Portfolio Focus
We are a specialist veterinary pharmaceuticals business focused on CAP, Equine, FAP and Diets. We look to maximise our revenue by focusing on clearly defined therapeutic sectors.
  • Double digit growth in key therapeutic areas with CAP growing by 19.4% and FAP by 43.2% at CER
  • Roll out of digital technologies is progressing to plan, with the implementation of our Learning Management System, Delta, which enables product training to be disseminated to our sales representatives
  • Diets sales have not returned to growth due to challenging trading conditions in Scandinavia and palatability issues
  • Continued emergence of Corporates and buying groups, putting some pressure on margins
  • Slowdown in German FAP antibiotics sales
  • Revenue of £247.6 million
  • Underlying EPS 42.65p
  • ROCE 16.1%
  • Deliver CAP and FAP sales targets through technical expertise and marketing campaigns
  • Ensure opportunities for lifecycle management are identified early
  • Continue to drive sales force effectiveness
Geographical expansion Icon
Geographical Expansion
We have identified a number of markets that present both volume and profit opportunities in the medium to long term. Our entry strategies will vary dependent on the local market dynamics.
  • Double digit growth in DVP NA (59.5% growth in revenue) at CER
  • Austria started trading on 1 January 2016 and is trading in line with expectations
  • Regulatory approvals were obtained in several countries such as Brazil, Egypt and Sri Lanka
  • New Rest of the World organisation structure in place to drive focus
  • Continued to build a significant presence in the Rest of World markets
  • One new subsidiary opened
  • Italy, Canada and Poland delivering to or above expectations
  • Obtain regulatory product approvals in defined markets, including launching existing Dechra products in Mexico through the newly acquired subsidiary, Brovel
  • Identify opportunities to enter relevant target markets
  • Seize opportunities arising from our recent acquisitions
Acquisition Icon
Our priority is to target strategic acquisitions that will expand our geographical footprint and/or enhance our product portfolio. Acquisitions can accelerate our expansion by providing entry into new geographies.
  • Three acquisitions completed: Genera, Brovel and Putney
  • Putney integration helps strengthen our US presence
  • Genera integration on plan, new business structure defined
  • Registration process of Dechra products commenced in Mexico
  • M&A market in animal health has been active and transaction multiples can be high
  • The execution of M&A transactions and integrating new entities is time consuming for employees
  • £21.7 million revenue from acquired businesses
  • £164.9 million spend on acquisitions
  • Deliver the value of our recent acquisitions
  • Continue to explore potential acquisitions to find those which align with our strategic goals
Manufacturing Icon
People Icon
Technology Icon
Strategic Enablers
Our strategic enablers, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, People, and Technology, support the execution of our strategy.
  • Good progress in our Oracle roll out with DVP US live in April 2016
  • Commencement of a new Group Intranet platform for improved communication and information sharing with all employees
  • HR Cloud based IT system implemented in 16 countries
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process implemented in DVP EU and DPM
  • Restructuring programmes for Genera and Putney led successfully
  • Complexity of inducting 419 new employees through recruitment and acquisitions
  • 5 quality audits passed successfully
  • 13.1% employee turnover
  • Support new product launches and gain further FDA approval in our manufacturing network as pipeline demands
  • Manage efficiently our increasingly complex manufacturing network
  • Continue to improve leadership effectiveness and quality of talent in an expanded workforce
  • Align compensation and reward system
  • Continue to implement Oracle across the Group
  • Develop solutions to support the mobile workforce