EU Pharmaceuticals

Dechra Veterinary Products EU (DVP EU)





DVP EU markets and sells Dechra's products throughout Europe and exports to over 40 countries. The business has an operating board of eight senior managers, and is managed from Den Bosch, the Netherlands, Sansaw, UK, and Uldum, Denmark. In total, DVP EU employs 386 people. Inventory is managed through a central distribution centre in Uldum.

DVP EU has sales operations in 15 countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK, each run by a Country Manager. DVP EU also exports to other European countries as well as other territories including Australia, Brazil, the Middle East and the Far East.

The key products in the DVP EU portfolio are predominantly Companion Animal Products (CAP), Equine medicines and Food producing Animal Products (FAP). DVP EU also markets a range of specialist, therapeutic and maintenance pet diets, branded Specific.


In October 2015, Dechra acquired Genera d.d., which has sales operations in four markets, namely Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia. Genera markets a range of FAP, agrochemicals and feed additives. It also develops and sells a range of poultry vaccines. Genera employs 120 people (excluding Manufacturing and Product Development and Regulatory Affairs (PDRA)).

Dechra Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing (DPM)




Manufacturing Sites*

* Includes Melbourne, Florida and Brovel, Mexico City

DPM produces the majority of Dechra's pharmaceuticals and manufactures for third parties on a contract basis. The objectives are to produce Dechra's product range efficiently to the highest quality standards, to maintain a reliable supply chain and to contribute profit to the business through third party manufacturing.

Skipton, UK

The site at Skipton employs 232 people. It offers a comprehensive range of manufacturing and packing services, principally for CAP. It is dual-licensed to produce both veterinary and human products. The site includes Pharmaceutical Development, Quality Control (QC) and Stability Testing and Validation Laboratories.

Bladel, the Netherlands

The site at Bladel employs 126 people and manufactures products for food producing animals in large-scale batches. It also has an aseptic manufacturing facility to produce sterile injections, an important competence in DPM's manufacturing portfolio. As in Skipton, the site includes QC and Development Laboratories.

Zagreb, Croatia

The Genera site in Zagreb, Croatia employs 97 people. It has a poultry vaccine manufacturing facility, a liquids facility and a solid dose suite which is EU approved. In addition, it has a feed additive facility which is solely used for third party manufacturing.

Revenue for the EU Pharmaceuticals Segment


CAP 46.1%

Equine 7.9%

FAP 19.4%

Diets 12.9%

Other 13.7%

Profit Evolution for EU Pharmaceuticals Segment

All figures are at AER.

North America Pharmaceuticals





* Excludes Manufacturing at Melbourne, Florida and Brovel, Mexico City and PDRA at Portland, Maine

Dechra Veterinary Products North America (DVP NA) markets and sells Dechra's veterinary products across Canada (DVP Canada), Mexico (Dechra-Brovel) and the US (DVP US), the latter being the world's largest animal health market.

The US business is strategically located in Kansas City, at the heart of the 'Animal Health Corridor', an area recognised globally for its concentration of animal health businesses. Led by an operating board of five senior managers, DVP US has 85 employees, who consist of field-based sales representatives, marketing professionals, in-house veterinarians, field veterinarians, technical support staff and a customer service team. DVP US currently markets CAP and Equine medicines.

In addition there is a manufacturing site at Melbourne, Florida which employs 16 people, and currently manufactures Phycox®.

DVP Canada was established in January 2015 and currently employs 10 people. The office is located in Montreal. DVP Canada markets CAP and Equine medicines.


Acquired in April 2016, Putney develops and markets a range of generic CAP. It is based in Portland, Maine. Significant progress has been made on the integration of Putney's commercial teams into the DVP US structure, strengthening our US expertise. Excluding PDRA, it employs 28 people.


Brovel, a small family owned business, was acquired in January 2016. It manufactures and sells a diverse range of products for dogs, horses and cattle, mainly in Mexico and also exports to Central American countries. Excluding manufacturing, it employs 38 people.

Revenue for NA Pharmaceuticals Segment


CAP 86.1%

Equine 9.6%

FAP 2.5%

Other 1.8%

Profit Evolution for NA Pharmaceuticals Segment

All figures are at AER.

Product Development and Regulatory Affairs





The Product Development team develops Dechra's own branded veterinary product portfolio of novel and generic pharmaceuticals. The Regulatory Affairs team obtains licences for our products, manages post approval adverse event reporting, periodic product renewals and other activities required to maintain the product licences.

A total of 92 people work across European and US Regulatory Affairs, Pharmaceutical Development and Product Development. They work at four existing locations in Overland Park, USA, Sansaw, England, Skipton, England, and Bladel, the Netherlands. Three new teams were added with our recent acquisitions based in Portland, USA; Zagreb, Croatia; and Mexico City, Mexico.

The team includes highly qualified academics, veterinarians, formulation chemists, pharmacists, analysts, clinical trial managers and product development managers.

Development Spend

All figures are at AER.